Howdy! I’m Gian Verano, and I’m the freelance copywriter you’re looking for.

Count on me to turn browsers into buyers, and prospects into loyal fans.

Growing up in Toronto, I was privileged to be able to experience an entire world of cultures and viewpoints. It’s this love for exploring new things that led me to a career in the creative industry as a freelance copywriter in Toronto.

There’s just something so rewarding about transforming a blank page into something unique and compelling. My writing process can best be described as innovative yet precise – combining marketing research, trend analysis and good old creativity to create advertising pieces that really stand out. I’m passionate about my work and my clients, and sincerely want each and every one of them to succeed.

On my days off you can find me exploring Toronto’s many great restaurants, effortlessly winning a game of Cards Against Humanity or sleeping – because I’ve recently learned that power naps aren’t a real substitute for a good night’s rest.

  • My favourite colour is green – but not yellowy greens
  • The video game franchise that had the most impact on my formative years was Final Fantasy (particularly VII and VIII)
  • Currently playing in iTunes: + (Ed Sheeran), DEEP RIVER (Utada Hikaru -宇多田 ヒカル),Alvvays (Alvvays) #TheMoreYouKnow



Writing and Editing
Websites, journalism, ad copy, blogs
Marketing and Social Media
Branding, leads, loyalty, community
Web Content
HTML, CSS, SEO, WordPress, CTAs
Computer Skills
Word, Excel, Adobe Suite, Final Cut

Time Management
Multitasking, meeting tight deadlines
Concept development, AB versions
Leadership, delegation, listening
Consistently exceeds expectations


western-croppedMA Journalism
2011 Western University

western-croppedBA French Studies
2009 Western University

western-croppedBA Criminology
2009 Western University


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