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Home PageThis is the current landing page for my website. It contains four content rows with blurbs and CTAs linking to the other main pages of my site.

Who I Am (About)

Visit this page to read a brief bio. See my skillset, educational history and download a PDF copy of my resume.

What I Do (Services)

Gian Verano copywriting servicesLearn about my Toronto copywriting services, which include freelance writing projects, proofreading/ editing, editorial consulting, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


My writing portfolioOn this page, you will find writing samples for a wide range of topics and areas. You can also sort entries to see a specific category, which includes websites, journalism, theatre reviews and motivational text.


Blog LayoutFind musings, tutorials and other general goodness on my blog page!


See my email address, phone number and email on this page. You can also add me to your social media networks by following my profile links.

This page contains my Content Usage Policy, information on submitting your personal information, as well as my webmaster contact details. does not collect personal information for commercial purposes.